An open node for Augur prediction markets

How to use it

How is Augur structured when we need to use it for development? If you are familiar with Ethereum you might already know that you need a connection with a node. That still applies to Augur, but for this protocol, you will also have to connect to an Augur Node.

An Augur Node basically combines a server and a database that indexes data from the protocol so you can query it more efficiently. To interact with it, you will use the augur.js library in your project, so create a new directory and inside it do:

   npm install --save-exact augur.js

That will be all we need to install. You may now save the index.js file that can be found here.

Simply run it with:

   node index.js

If you would like to connect to the node through secured web sockets, you may change the connection string to:


You are all set! Wondering about how to do more complex things? You can check out the Augur Docs, where you’ll find all the documentation related the project.


This node can be used for:

  • Building tools: trading dashboards, bots, order logs, scoreboards...
  • Tracking prediction market data: analytics, new markets, reporting periods...
  • Price trackers: live odds, liquidity warnings, market return calculations...

Let's get creative!


What is Augur?

Augur is a decentralized oracle and peer to peer protocol for prediction markets. Augur is free, public, open source software, portions of which are licensed under GPL and portions of which are licensed under the MIT license. Augur is a set of smart contracts written in Solidity that can be deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.

Any user who downloads and runs the Augur software has access to the Augur protocol. Augur is not a prediction market, it is a protocol for cryptocurrency users to create their own prediction markets.

Why is the node open?

Different tools have been created over time around Augur prediction markets, many of them relying on open nodes that have at times encountered technical issues. We've listened to the most common problems builders were facing and tried to solve them with this node, making life easier for those looking to launch products that interact with these markets.

Is this the only Augur node available? Can I run my own?

We encourage everyone to run their own Augur node - it's open source software and you don't need to ask for permission. There are other open nodes in the Augur ecosystem, and they work similarly. If you need any technical help, you can come and chat with the #tooling Discord community.

Who runs this node and what control do they have over it?

This node is run by Guesser, a team building an easy to use product that lets you participate in the best Augur prediction markets. We have no control or responsibility over the tools and products that make use of this Augur node. is NOT a website where you can trade in Augur prediction markets.

If the node is down or you encounter any issue with it, you can ping us on Twitter or send us an email.